October 22, 2020

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Car Reviews – Mazda – CX-30 – G25 Astina

King of the niche marketeers, Audi, knows that any vehicle sale is another owner being welcomed into the brand’s privileged clubhouse.


That’s why there’s 15 models and 76 sub-models from a brand that has a mere 1.6 per cent of the Australian vehicle market and sells a leisurely 12,000 units a year.


Mazda is learning the ropes from Audi, and indeed from BMW which has 19 models and Mercedes-Benz with 25.


The new Mazda that splits the traditional gaps in its range is the CX-30 SUV, based on the Mazda3 and sized between the CX-3 and CX-5.


In price, the CX-30 Astina front-drive is $41,490 plus on-road costs, compared with the feature-equivalent CX-3 Akari at $36,450 (plus costs) and the CX-5 Akera at $48,330 (plus costs).


In creating a niche, Mazda has also neatly stepped up in one of the most important selling aids – perceived quality.


From inside and out, the CX-30 looks more upmarket than the other Mazda SUVs. It also stumps some rivals.


There’s no doubt that as a niche, the CX-30 represents a solid marketing move. In addition, it is likely to be the catalyst not only for a raft of affordable models from competitors, while threatening the lower-priced offerings of the luxury SUV brands.

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