November 23, 2020

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Car Reviews – Nissan – Patrol – Ti-L

Time moves slowly for the Nissan Patrol.


The first generation was introduced way back in 1951, yet here we are, almost 70 years later, reviewing the mid-life facelift of generation six – a model whose birth certificate shows it’s now in its second decade of existence.


Mid-life facelift? At 10 years of age? That’s how long it has taken for the Y62 Patrol to be properly forced under the surgeon’s scalpel.


Admittedly, Australia didn’t see the Y62 Nissan Patrol until December 2012, though that still seems like forever ago when you realise that Julia Gillard was our PM at the time! So much water under the bridge…


And yet the Patrol soldiers on, fresh from its first comprehensive makeover since a minor styling update in November ’17.


But is it enough to make Nissan’s V8-engined, separate-chassis 4WD icon look and feel anything but antiquated?

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